Welcome to the Capital Area Carcinoid Cancer/Neuroendocrine Tumor Survivors’ group (CACNETS) of the DC, VA and MD region.  Founded in 2001, CACS is open to NET patients, families and caregivers.  We meet monthly for mutual support and to learn more about this rare disease and the latest treatments.  For dates of meetings and planned topics, please visit our Meetings page or contact us at CACSNETS@gmail.com.

2020 CACS Meetings

  • January 11th —  Our regular patient sharing session

  • February 8thPatient sharing; other topics TBD

  • March 14 – TBD

In Memory – Mitch Berger

On November 10th, International NETs Awareness Day, Mitch Berger — our friend, mentor and a founder of the CACNETS group — passed away after his 20+ year fight with NETs. Mitch led a fascinating life.

Mitch’s commitment to help others by sharing his experience and knowledge was manifest in his dedication to the support group that he started for NETs patients in the Washington, D.C. area with Bea Lehming in 2001 – presently known as CACNETS (Capital Area Carcinoid/Neuroendocrine Tumors Support group).  After Bea passed, Mitch took on the leadership role – despite his own medical ups and downs with the disease.  He was always there for members and newly diagnosed patients to help them navigate their own journeys with NETs.  Even while in hospice care (which he strongly supported due to its many benefits in facing our inevitable ends), Mitch helped hundreds of NETs patients with posts on Facebook and in consultation with the changing leadership of CACNETS.  Donations in his memory can be made to CACNETS and other NETs groups.

Please read his full tribute, and learn where you can donate funds to help fight NETs HERE


Get a large copy of this infographic and Learn more about Carcinoid/Neuroendocrine Tumors

Immediate Upcoming Events include: TBD

Other Events and News:

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  • News: Early Phase II Trial Results to Treat Aggressive NETS Tumors show promise. Read results here

  • NIH Rare Tumor Research Study – Now Operational.  For details and to apply, click here

  • NET Vitals Form- Physician Conversation Prep Sheet – Available

  • PRRT Was Approved January 26, 2018:  The targeted NETs therapy, Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) was approved under the FDA’s orphan drug designation. For full details, see the Advanced Accelerator/Novartis site

  • More PRRT News:  “Long-lasting radionuclide therapy for advanced neuroendocrine tumors proves effective”    Click here to see the full article

Recent Special Speakers  

Visit our News & Resources for presentations and webinars from the Carcinoid Foundation, Dr. Amit Tirosh, Dr. Edward  Wolin, Dr. Naris Nilubol, Drs. Sue and Thomas O’Dorosio, and more.